Trips are arranged under four exciting, curriculum-linked themes

Imagination and Curiosity – English and the Arts - Exploring the power of imagination and how it can be harnessed to change the world

People and the Planet – Science and Geography - Empowering young people to play an active role in creating a sustainable future

Breakthroughs and Discoveries – STEM and History - ’Investigating the moments of genius that have enabled humanity to progress

Journeys and Adventures – PSHE & Skills Development - Celebrating the broadening of horizons and stepping outside of your comfort zone


Rising costs are making it harder than ever to make school trips happen. That’s why The Great British School Trip from Hyundai, is offering bursary support to help fund travel and entry to incredible venues across the UK. We have already allocated funds to support 25,000 young people since the launch in January 2023. 

We will be trying our best to offer bursary support to as many schools as possible. You will need to bring a minimum of 30 students on the trip and then bursaries will be prioritised in terms of need before being allocated on a first come first served basis. We may not be able to offer funding to cover the total costs of your trip but tell us how much funding you need, and we will try to cover as much as possible.

A waiting list is now in operation. All bursaries have currently been allocated. 

If you would still like to apply, simply fill out the bursary application form below to request a bursary. All applications are currently being added to a waiting list but we hope to reallocate any unused funds or offer further funding if any becomes available. We will then be in touch to let you know whether your claim was successful. After that, you will need to provide proof of your trip to claim your bursary. This could be a venue booking receipt or a quote from a coach provider.

If you have further questions you may find what you are looking for on our FAQ page.

We look forward to receiving your applications and hope to help as many of you as possible.