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Imagination and Curiosity – English and the Arts - Exploring the power of imagination and how it can be harnessed to change the world

People and the Planet – Science and Geography - Empowering young people to play an active role in creating a sustainable future

Breakthroughs and Discoveries – STEM and History - Investigating the moments of genius that have enabled humanity to progress

Journeys and Adventures – PSHE & Skills Development - Celebrating the broadening of horizons and stepping outside of your comfort zone

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The Great British Creativity Gap – what’s your learning style?

12 December 2023

Not everyone learns in the same way and yet, 7 in 10 young adults believe the UK education system is too ‘one size fits all.’ A further 1 in 3 teachers polled said that students struggle to express their creativity in the confines of the classroom*. So why does a recent study of government data reveal that just £9.40 of the annual £7,460 spent on pupils in state education goes on creative subjects such as music, arts, and culture?

Last year The Great British School Trip helped over 28,000 young people attend creative school trips. For year two we hope to help 35,000 young people experience learning outside of the classroom to help inspire and engage them in new and exciting topics. More than 560 venues across the UK are supporting us with creative experiences including the V&A, The Design Museum, and multiple English Heritage sites.

Ashley Andrew, President of Hyundai & Genesis UK, said: “The findings from this study highlight the critical role the education system plays and it’s fascinating to understand better the desire for more creativity and creative learning in school. Creativity is something we truly value at Hyundai, with design, innovation and technology at the core of our business. As part of our £1million investment into UK school trips this year, we hope our commitment will break down more barriers to creative learning.”

We know that school trips benefit young people in lots of different ways because no two pupils are the same. Everyone learns differently. So...What's your learning style?


The Great British Creativity Gap – what’s your learning style?