Trips are arranged under four exciting, curriculum-linked themes

Imagination and Curiosity – English and the Arts - Exploring the power of imagination and how it can be harnessed to change the world

People and the Planet – Science and Geography - Empowering young people to play an active role in creating a sustainable future

Breakthroughs and Discoveries – STEM and History - Investigating the moments of genius that have enabled humanity to progress

Journeys and Adventures – PSHE & Skills Development - Celebrating the broadening of horizons and stepping outside of your comfort zone

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Herschel Museum of Astronomy – Bath Preservation Trust

19 New King Street, Bath, BA1 2BL.

The Herschel Museum of Astronomy tells the amazing story of amateur astronomers, William and Caroline Herschel, and their work including the discovery of the planet Uranus from their back garden of this very house in 1781. Pupils will learn about the wonders of the solar system as well as the importance of the Herschels’ discoveries.

KS1 Spectacular Space Workshop – Pupils learn about William and Caroline Herschel’s lives and their fascinating discoveries through costume, role-play and interactive learning.

KS2 Amazing Astronomy – Learn about William and Caroline Herschel’s remarkable discoveries and explore their house with the astronomy trail. Pupils will hear a talk about the wonders of the solar system including how and why orreries were used and take part in a hands-on activity mapping the solar system.

Workshops lasts 2 hours and costs £6.50 per student. Adults are free at a ratio of 1:6.

Don’t forget, if you are looking for help with funding the cost of your trip, you can apply for a bursary!

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19 New King Street, Bath
BA1 2BL.

Opening Hours

Workshops available Monday - Friday 11th February to 20th December.