Trips are arranged under four exciting, curriculum-linked themes

Imagination and Curiosity – English and the Arts - Exploring the power of imagination and how it can be harnessed to change the world

People and the Planet – Science and Geography - Empowering young people to play an active role in creating a sustainable future

Breakthroughs and Discoveries – STEM and History - Investigating the moments of genius that have enabled humanity to progress

Journeys and Adventures – PSHE & Skills Development - Celebrating the broadening of horizons and stepping outside of your comfort zone

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Safety Centre Hazard Alley

18 Carters Lane, Kilon Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3ES. Buckinghamshire


Extra Details

At the Safety Centre students experience immersive safety education tours, focussing on early intervention & prevention safety education. Tours put students in real-life scenarios they remember for life including making a practice 999 call. Tours are tailored for every age group and focus on home safety, fire safety, water safety, road safety, railway safety, bullying, shoplifting, in-car safety, the choices and consequences of littering and graffiti (KS1) and knife crime (KS2), first aid, safe places to cross the road and trusting your body’s instinct to keep you safe. Students can also experience a safety education classroom session as part of their tour. Their education team also provides outreach sessions in schools across the region on topics including online safety, the choices, and consequences of knife crime, drug and alcohol safety, gas safety, and emergency services.

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Venue resources

Amplification Toolkit PDF 0.88MB Download
Check List PDF 0.13MB Download
Parent Letter Template PDF 0.18MB Download
Risk Assessment PDF 0.12MB Download
Journeys & Adventures Content 7-11 ZIP 12.2MB Download
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Venue Details



18 Carters Lane, Kilon Farm, Milton Keynes
MK11 3ES. Buckinghamshire

Opening Hours

Tours are term time 10am- 3.15pm.